Notice and Takedown

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If you are a copyright owner who would like to disable the feasible use of our website / tool to convert your publicly applicable contents, please contact us. Send us a request through email with the information stated below and we will get back to you within 72 hours.

Our email address is [email protected]

  • Provide the specific description of the allegedly being infringed work
  • The URL of the content
  • Contact information that is sufficient to permit us to contact you (address, valid e-mail address and a telephone number)
  • A physical or electronic evidence on behalf of the copyright owner or claimant respects the intellectual property rights of other people. We strongly address the users of our website / tool to comply with our copyright policy. does not concede copyright infringing activities on it’s platform, and instantly suspends any copyrighted material from being converted and downloaded by it’s platform when kindly disclosed.

Our tool constantly keep on tracking to alleviate the possibility of copyright infringing activities using it’s platform by vigorously searching out and impair the desirable conversion of commercial copyrighted components.

The user of our tool is obliged to check various rights concerning the content. The user is responsible and takes liablitity for violating the copyright act.

This document was created on May 28, 2018.